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Authors in Bloom Blog Hop

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My deep, dark, gardening secret?

If I get around to planting it, I depend on God to take care of it.

For a number of years, my husband would take the boys out shopping and come home with a live plant for me for Mother’s Day, either a hanging basket or a rose bush. It’s not that I mind taking care of things, but I sometimes forget. If it doesn’t come and ask me for water or food, I won’t remember until days later. I’ve had quite a few plants named Lazarus!


So although I may forget plants, I always remember things in the oven (almost always, but that’s another story!). My recipe for Cream Puff Dessert follows. This light dessert is perfect for spring and summer entertaining.


To celebrate spring, I’m offering a free download of my Biscotti Favorites cookbook to one random winner. And because I’m so excited about my new cover, I’m choosing a second random winner for a free download of Soul Guardian.


Be sure to leave your name and email address in the comments to be entered in the drawing for my prizes, as well as the blog hop grand prize, an e-reader and gift card. You must leave your email address in order to be notified if you are the winner. To be eligible for the grand prize you must visit each author on the hop. Complete rules and links can be found on the Authors in Bloom blog hop page  http://diannevenetta.com/events/authors-in-bloom-blog-hop/


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Cream Puff Dessert



1 cup water

1 cup flour, sifted

4 eggs

½ cup butter

¼ tsp salt

(OR – you can substitute 1 package of frozen puff pastry)


2 (3.4 oz. each) packages instant French Vanilla pudding

2 – ½  cups milk

1 (8 oz.) pkg,. Cream cheese

1 (8 oz.) carton whipped topping



(If not using puff pastry follow this for the “shell”)

Heat water and shortening in sauce pan until boiling.

Pour flour and salt into hot mixture.

Beat thoroughly. Stir and cook over low heat until mixture forms a stiff ball.

Remove from heat, add unbeaten eggs, one at a time, beating thoroughly after each egg is added (by hand).

Spread on  11 x 15 inch cookie sheet, greased.

Bake at 400 degrees F  20 – 30 minutes until lightly browned.

(If using puff pastry, follow package directions. Place on 11 x 15 inch cookie sheet)


For filling:

Mix together instant pudding, milk and cream cheese. (Best to cream the cheese and 1/2  cup of milk first, add the pudding, and then gradually add the remaining milk. Spread over cream puff shell.


Top with 8 oz. Whipped topping.

Drizzle with chocolate syrup if desired.


Refrigerate until set.





Night Owl Reviews Spring Fling Web Hunt

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Welcome to my stop of the Night Owl Reviews Spring Fling Web Hunt.
Be sure to check out my site for the free read.

Click on the graphic, or follow the link  http://www.nightowlreviews.com/v5/Pages/Articles/Spring-Fling-Scavenger-Hunt-2014  to continue on the Night Owl Review Scavanger Hunt.

Searching around from one website to another can work up an appetite – for chocolate.  Here’s a scrumptious 5-minute chocolate mug cake.  Although it’s called cake, it’s the consistency of a rich, fudgy brownie.



5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake


4 tablespoons flour (not self-rising)

4 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons baking cocoa

1 egg

3 tablespoons milk

3 tablespoons oil

3 tablespoons

chocolate chips (optional)

a small splash of vanilla extract

1 coffee mug

Put dry ingredients in mug, and mix well

Add the egg and mix thoroughly.

Pour in the milk and oil and mix well.

Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla extract, and mix again.

Microwave for 3 minutes at 1000 watts. The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but will sink again.

Allow to cool a little before eating.



Leap Into Books Giveaway Hop

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Welcome to my page on the Leap into Books Giveaway Hop!

This hop, co-hosted by Jinky isReading, runs from February 28 – March 7.


I’m a writer, but have always been a reader first. All my heroes are ones that I would like to read about: strong physically and in morals, and they have a quirky sense of humor in how they approach their job and life.  In writing, I had a lot of fun with Simon and Luke in the President’s Orders, a western historical romantic suspense series.  Heart Quest is the second in the series.

 I am giving away a paper copy of the book. Please leave your name and email address in the comments section and I will select one random winner for a paper copy of Heart Quest. (I will contact you for your mailing address if you are the winner.)


With one week to find the stolen stone from the Heart of Egypt, Luke Hayden, one of the premiere agents of the 1874 US Secret Service, travels in disguise across the continent. When he learns Maj Bentzer, a woman he’s loved in the past, plays a key role in the stone’s disappearance, he’s not sure he can trust his instincts.



Sensing her indecision, he stood by her until the doll was paid for and in her possession. Once that was done, he spoke. “Maj, would youcare to join me for coffee?” He hadn’t intended to ask that. Hadn’t planned onit, but he wanted to spend more time with her.

Surprise crossed her features. “Yes, of course.”  Her reply was breathless and hurried.  


Taking the package from her, he escorted her out of thestore and down the street the short distance to the hotel restaurant.

Once they were seated, with the doll on the empty chair between them, silence reigned. Maj started to speak, then clamped her lips shut each time. He wished she would reveal the problem. Since she didn’t seem inclined to do so, he chit-chatted about the weather and the train, keeping his comments broad, encouraging her to relax.

When the waiter arrived, Luke ordered coffee for both of them and asked if she would like a pastry to go with it, an offer she readily accepted.

“Has Annabelle decided she wants twins?” Luke asked jokingly once the waiter left.

Maj gave a weak smile. “No, she wanted a replacement.”

“That sounds serious,” he said. And it did. But maybe it also meant Maj hadn’t used her own funds. He worked to keep his tone lighthearted.

She nodded, but couldn’t meet his eyes. The first sign someone was guilty of something, or withholding information. Would she stil lhave tried to pass on the stone, knowing it was fake? The thought of her playing such a dangerous game nearly stopped his heart.

“Mr. Hayden, I really don’t know how to say this – “ She stopped when she saw the waiter returning with the trolley carrying their coffee and her pastry.

The waiter’s timing was way off. He could see she already regretted saying anything at all. That she used his last name distanced her even more. “Say what you need to, Maj,” he told her once the waiter had left. After a moment of silence while she busied herself pouring coffee from the pot on the table, he reached his hand out and covered one of hers. “Can’t you call me by my name, Maj? It would mean a lot to me. No one says it quite the same way.” He gave her a weak smile, not that she did more than glimpse in his direction. There was magic when she said it.



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Romance is in the Air Blog Hop

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Thanks for visiting my stop on the Romance is in the Air Blog Hop. Each person participating in this hop is featuring a great read. For this giveaway, I/m offering a download of Taking Chances.


Taking Chances is a sweet romance with Tyler and Abie showing us that when problems are faced, they often become a source of strength.It just takes them a while to get to that point. In the beginning, Tyler isconvinced Abie is nothing but trouble.


“Are you coming out to the ranch with us?” The boy’s young voice floated in the silence. Tyler gave a half-smile, half-grimace. This was not an invitation he would second. “I don’t think-- ” he started to say.


“I would be delighted,” Abie interrupted him. “I’ll just follow you in my car.”

Tyler watched in frustrationas the woman scampered to her car. She hadn’t been born yesterday. She had to have known he wouldn’t issue such an invitation. Every polished inch of her from her sleek salon cut hair to her ridiculously high heeled shoes screamed she was a professional business woman. He slapped his palm on the car roof in frustration and slid in the driver’s seat. He would bet anything she was very successful at getting what she wanted.

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Winter Wonder Man Blog Hop

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Welcome to this stop on the Winter Wonder Man Blog Hop!

With so many wonderful heroes out there, what’s a girl to do?

From January 16th through January 19th you can check out the links on the blog hop and discover new heroes, including my favorite, Alex in Bound by Blood. Sure, Alex is a vampire, but everyone has something.

 Tall, dark and handsome is the generic description of Alex. It’s his desire to protect what is his that makes him a hero. What makes a man (or vampire!) a hero for you?  What makes a hero in movies and books wonderful to the point your toes curl?


  Just hop along for chances at prizes including gift cards to Barnes & Noble or Amazon. There are prizes and swag at each stop on the hop. For a chance to win a download of Bound by Blood, please leave your name and email address in the comments section and I will select one random winner at the end of the hop.

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Spooktacular Blog Hop

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The nights are getting longer, the air has that unique autumn crispness about it, and the smell of fallen leaves tickle the nose. Gathering with friends usually happens around a fire pit, toasting marshmallows and drinking hot cider. It’s my favorite time of year. I appreciate Kathy at I Am a Reader Not  A Writer taking the time to coordinate this awesome event.

To enjoy the longer nights and reading time, I’m giving away a papberback copy of Bound by Blood.  and surprise swag. One winner will be selected from the comments, so be sure to leave your name and email address in the comment section.

The giveaway ends October 31st.


In his two-hundred and fifty years as a vampire, Alex only observed, never intervened with any of his progeny, yet what else can he do when a little girl of his lineage is kidnapped? When he meets Lisa, the child’s nanny, his protective instincts kick into gear, yet he finds he must expose her to ever increasing danger as they search for the missing child. To protect Lisa from perils she is unaware of, he harbors her in his own home.


With Lisa’s help, Alex is able to determine who has the child. Learning why she was abducted rocks him on his heels and sets off a transcontinental search that leads to ancient myths of the Cardinal’s Ruby; the stone in Alex’s ring.


Alex and Lisa have one shot to save the child, but will they be able to stop the impending destruction raining down?


Be sure to visit the other wonderful authors on this blog hop! Happy Halloween!



Sepember is for Sequels Blog Hop

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Lisa Loves Literature and I Am A Reader are hosting this great hop of sequels! After you enter the giveaway here for a download of my ebook, Heart Quest, hop over to the 100+ blogs and enter there too!

When you read a book and just don’t want it to end, you start looking for sequels. The characters live on, and like any other person, they move on to new adventures. I want to know what they are.  The first series that totally captured my imagination and drew me in was the wonderfully writen and  researched Roselynde Chronicles by Roberta Gellis. I loved Simon. So much so that the name stuck with me for ages.  While I didn’t name my first born Simon (although it had been under consideration) I did name one of my characters in False Notes Simon. Turned out that he had a series himself: President’s Orders

The third book in the series will be released in November. While the main characters appear in each of the books, the books are stand alone and can be read in any order. For a chance to win a download of Heart Quest, please be sure to leave  your name and email address in the comments.

The blurb for False Notes:

In late summer1874, Simon Barr, one of the premiere agents of the newly evolving US SecretService, arrives in Hobart, in the Oklahoma Territory, to meet his partner, Luke Hayden, and begin investigating a large scale counterfeiting operation. Shortly after arriving, Simon meets the lovely Kirsten Bentzer, only to learn she has ties to his two chief suspects. His attraction to Kirsten catches him off guard and wars with his sense of duty. Surely, she can’t be innocent, no matter how much he wishes it were so.

A short excerpt:


He wondered if Kirsten would make an appearance tonight as they planned, or if he should start scouting around.Taking out his pocket watch, he held it to the small bit of light coming from the grange. It was past the time they had agreed to meet, but not unduly so. He walked as far as the hotel, and then leaned against the building, waiting for her to arrive. When the sheriff came by on his rounds, Simon gave him a nod, but the man insisted on coming up to speak with him.

"Saw you come from the grange. Is the music too loud for you?"

        Chuckling ,Simon answered, "No, it’s very good, in fact. I'm just waiting for someone." Extending his hand, he introduced himself. "Going about your nightly rounds, I see. It must make the citizens feel safe."

        "I try my best. These are wonderful folks around here."

        Simon looked around the small town street. "My friend, Mr. Hayden, has the mercantile down the street a bit. He has no complaints." Where was Kirsten?

        "Fine man, there. Well, I'll be on my way." He held his finger to his hat in a careless salute and sauntered off.

        "Is he gone?" Her whispered voice carried on the breeze.

        Simon didn't turn around. "Are you hiding from the sheriff too?"

        "No."Her voice sounded a bit closer now. "We just don't get on all that well."

        This time, Simon did turn and watch as she stepped from the shadows. Even in the dim light he could see she really was a lovely woman, even more so than he remembered. He extended his arm. "Shall we join the others at the grange?" She hung back and he let his arm fall to his side. "I see that is not a good idea."

        "No ,it's not. Do you suppose we could just go somewhere and talk?"

        Talkwas good. You learned a lot of things that way, the easy way. "Back toDoc's?"

        "No,he has patients tonight. Could we just go somewhere? Behind the hotel, th elivery? I don't care, just somewhere where no one will hear me."

        Definitely interesting. "My room?"

        "No, people will see me go in. Could you meet me in front of the bookstore? We could be looking there and no one will be surprised."

        He shifted his gaze from hers and looked down the street to see where the store was. Nodding, he watched her skitter away. There was simply no other word for it. She hadn't looked as frightened as she had nervous. That was puzzling.After all, this was the same girl he had caught climbing out a window at a bordello and challenging Jack Weldon.

        "Is there a reason for all this subterfuge?" he asked in a teasing voice when they met in front of the store.

        "Yes,"she said, then shook her head. "No. I really don't know. And I don't even know why I'm telling you except that you have an honest face, and you did already ask me to meet with you."

        He tried not to let the word “honest” rankle. He had honor, but honesty was not exactly what he would say was entailed in his line of work.

~end excerpt~

Please visit all the authors on the hop and scoop up the goodies they have for you.








Meet the Author /Interview with a Character Blog Hop

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Welcome to the Meet the Author / Interview with a Character Blog Hop.

Please be sure to leave a comment with your name and emailaddress for a chance to win a download of Heart Quest, my historical western.

The Grand Prize for this hop is a $50 Amazon gift card. To be sure that you have a chance at it, visit http://www.kaseydean.com/2013/08/meet-authorinterview-with-character.html?zx=fba193cc3b514f76

To enter the Grand Prize drawing, you will need proof thatyou have visited this site. The code to enter is further down on this page.


Characters have a tendency not to stay in the pages of abook. Luke Hayden, a Secret Service Agent from my historical series, President’sOrders, is the perfect example. Although the books are part of a series (the third one will be out in November) they can each stand alone.

The series alternates stories. While both men are maincharacters, they’re partners after all, Simon is the hero of False Notes, while Luke is the hero of Heart Quest.

While the men can be competitive, they are partners and used to knowing the other has his back, whether dealing with personal issues or work related one.


While I was writing False Notes, in the back of my mind, I was playing with the scenario for whatwould become Heart Quest. Luke knew this was going to be his book. Every once in a while he would give me a little poke and say, “Will you finish that already and get to my story.”


I just had to ask what was so important that he needed myundivided attention.


Luke: I really like puzzles. To figure things out.

Me (hesitantly): Yes. I did know that.

Luke: And I’m more patient than Simon.

Me (hesitantly): Yes. I did know that. (So far, I’m not surewhere he’s going with this.)

Luke: So I need my own story.

Me: Got it. Working on it.

And that’s where I left it. I always intended Luke to have his own story. Now that I appeased him, so I thought, I went back to working on Simon’s story.


The closer I got to the end of False Notes, the louder Luke became. It started with a few little ‘ahems’then worked itself up to pacing.


Me: What is the problem?

Luke: I want to ride the train. You know, now that it goes across country, and you don’t have to ferry across the Missouri anymore, youcan cross the country in seven days. Seven days. Just think of it!

Me: Yeah. (I’m thinking space station and he’s rhapsodizing about a train.) I don’t know much about the trains.

Luke: Learn as you go, that’s what I say. You can’t be in the agent business and not be open to all the possibilities.

Me: I’m a writer, not a Secret Service Agent, not even atravel agent.

Luke (totally ignoring me): I looked over the train schedules. There are a few places where it will actually be faster to go on horseback.

Me: I don’t even know where we’re going.

Luke: Where ever the puzzle takes us.

Me: We’re going in circles now. Is Simon coming with us?

Luke (looking at me in surprise): Of course he’ll be there.We’re partners, remember?


It turned out that Luke not only got his puzzle, but got todeal with part of it in disguise. He only had a short appearance in disguise in False Notes, but in Heart Quest, he spends a good portion ofhis time as Mr. Brownington, which is not always to his advantage.


An excerpt for Heart Quest:

Blurb: With one week to find the stolen stone from the Heart of Egypt, Luke Hayden, one of the premiere agents of the 1874 US Secret Service, travels in disguise across the continent. When he learns Maj Bentzer, a woman he’s loved in the past, playsa key role in the stone’s disappearance, he’s not sure he can trust his instincts.



“I take it you travel a great deal.”

“More than you can imagine,” he told her. And that wasdefinitely the truth. “But there are so many fascinating gems all over the world.” He didn’t want to talk to her of gems. He would love to adorn her with them, but if she never saw him for who he was it might take longer than he hoped.

“Why, I was just coming from Washington – the Smithsonian,you know – where they had the Egyptian jewels and artifacts on display.”

“Egyptian! What were they like?” Her voice was an eager as a child’s and she leaned forward. He found himself taking delight in describing the artifacts to her. She asked intelligent questions, most of which he was glad he could answer. A few he could not. “But perhaps you will get to see them when the exhibit is in San Francisco.”

“Me?” She chuckled. “I don’t think so. I’ve never been to San Francisco. Besides, I haven’t decided if I should return back east.”

“Surely you will be in Denver for a little while.”

“Only to deliver this moppet.”

“And her doll.”

Maj’s smile faded and she gave him a brief nod.

What could he have said wrong there? “She seems rather attached to it.”

Again she nodded. She bit her lip, and glanced down,reluctant to meet his gaze. He sat quietly, careful not to study her. Surely he imagined there was some problem.

Finally seeming to come to some resolution, she picked up the doll, put it on her lap and leaned toward him, careful not to dislodge her sleeping charge.

“Are you really a gemologist?” she asked in a whisper.

He swallowed hard. He had a feeling he was not going to like this, but this was Maj and if she was in trouble he would have to help her. Not at the expense of his honor, but help nonetheless. He shook the mental cobwebs away. “Of course I am, my dear. What? You have some jewels in your reticule you would like me to look at? I would be happy to do so.” He reached in his pocket for his loupe.

Her hand on his arm stilled his actions. “No. But I would like you to look at something for me please. Perhaps at the next stop you would not mind waiting here at the train with me for a few moments.”

“I would be happy to help, my dear.” He turned in his seat,facing forward again, not able to look at her. A thousand fragments of thoughts chased their way through is mind.

He hadn’t known thirty minutes could stretch alifetime.  Eighteen hundred seconds.That’s how long it would be before the train pulled into the station. Whatcould she possibly have that she couldn’t show him at the moment? Could shehave taken something from her uncle when she left Hobart, Oklahoma?

Now that he had caught up with her he wasn’t letting her out of his sight.



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Hot Summer Heroes Blog Hop!

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Welcome to the Hot Summer Heroes Blog Hop!


I’m giving away three copies of Soul Guardian. Be sure to leave your email address in the commentarea.


What makes a hero hot? First instinct says hard body and great looks, but it goes much deeper than that! We want the whole package. The intelligent guy who will stop at nothing to protect what is his. For me, I have to include a sense of humor. The absolute hottest thing about a hero, though, is how he looks at the heroine.When she fills his thoughts so that everything is related to her—that’s hot!

Here's a short excerpt from my Vampire book, Bound by Blood. Although Bound by Blood has plenty of action, it doesn’t stop Alex and Lisa from becoming increasingly aware of each other. Unfortunately for Lisa, Alex is all about doing the right thing. And a vampire and a mortal are definitely the wrong thing.


 Walking next to him made her feel safe. There was a sense of contained power. It didn’t matter if she had to step double time to keep up. Seeming to notice her difficulty, he slowed and smiled down at her. It didn’t quite reach his eyes, but was reassuring anyway.

 Definitely a strange man, but so far, heseemed to be the only one who hadn’t found it odd she hadn’t seen much of the kidnapper; the only one who didn’t seem to suspect her. She realized he might actually do so, but he didn’t display any such manner to her. Walking beside him, she was surprised when he didn’t head up the front steps as she expected. Instead, he went around the side of the building and to a small office area.She should have realized they wouldn’t be going into the church itself. He hadn’t struck her as a religious man.

Stepping in front of her, he led the way through another set of doors. It was impossible for her not to notice the lean length of him and the animal, alert manner in which he moved. Nothing would escape his attention. She instinctively gulped in reaction, glad she wasn’t trying to hide anything.

Finally, he stopped, and held open a door for her to enter the narrow passageway to the office. She squeezed past him, trying not to brush against his body, but that was impossible from the way he held the door.

The room was very warm; it only took a moment to see the fire burning in the fireplace was the reason. It was uncommon for this time of year, although she had to admit it certainly kept the dampness out.

“Have a seat,” Alex said,indicating the grouping of chairs close to the fireplace. She did as he asked,but still looked around for their host.

“Monsignor Phil will join us in a few moments,” he told her. His voice rolled naturally over the Italian title.

She nodded and sat down in one of the chairs. She was relieved – of course she was – that he sat in the chair cattycorner from hers and not next to her. She could think better when he was further away. She took a deep breath.He wasn’t saying anything, yet he said they were to talk. “What did you want to know?”


Bound by Blood is available on Amazon in both kindle andpaper formats.  http://amzn.com/B00761OURU

Be sure to click the link to visit the other authors on the Hot Summer Heroes Blog Hop!


Summer Giveaway Hop

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The Dog Days of Summer offer the perfect reading weather: too hot to move but you still want to do something. Whether you’re at the beach, the pool, or like yours truly, seeking the coolest spot you can find to enjoy a great read, this hop is the best place to start. There are some wonderful authors participating in this Summer Giveaway Hop and the prize offering is not to be missed. Have fun at the hop and remember to leave a comment and your email address below.


This hop is hosted by Bookhounds & I Am A Reader, Not aWriter.

I’m offering a download of my inspirational western romance, Taking Chances to one lucky reader who leaves a comment and email address. The winner’sname will be  pulled after August 8,12:01 a.m.


In Taking Chances, Abie, an enthusiastic PR person has one goal: Getting the singer Tyler Davidson to perform at a small benefit her client is hosting. It should be an easy task, after all, the man gave concerts.


An excerpt from Taking Chances:


“Ms. Halloway.”  Ty’s deep voice floated from behind her. She didn’t even have to look to see if it was indeed him speaking. Just as his singing voice was so distinctive, so was his speaking voice. Now that she had heard it, she doubted she would forget it.

“What brings you here?”

“Abie, please.” At his nod, she continued. “I brought over the contract…” Her words tapered and died off as his face instantly settled to stone.

“Then you’ve wasted your time, Ms.Halloway.” He touched the tip of his hat, then turned on his heel to walk away.

Nobody walked away from her. She started after him. “Tyler! At least look at the contract.”

He stopped and turned. Hisexpression not softening one iota. “I. Don’t. Do. Small.” Each word was bit out in precise syllables. If Abie had less self-confidence, she would have wilted on the spot. Instead of backing away, she pulled the contract from her jacket pocket and held it out to him.”Read it. Think about it.” She held it out, but he didn’t take it. Never had she imagined that his eyes could get any steelier looking. The paper vibrated in the air between them. He took a step closer and it took everything in her power not to back up.

“Ms. Halloway, I appreciate your determination, but it’s wasted here.”

“Tell me why.” If he opened up to her, just a little, she might have a something to work with. Might have a better understanding of what would entice him to sign. She swatted away the niggling thought that she would know something about the man himself; that wasn’t important. Still, it was strange that he refused to do benefits. He didn’t seem to mind concerts. She had seen his bookings for that.

Tyler gave her a hard edged glare.  “I don’t do benefits.” He took her by the arm and turned her back toward the drive, where her car was parked.

She tried to yank her arm from his grasp, but it was a band of steel.

Her eyes narrowed in thought. Maybe the good ol’ boy act he used before, the whole church bit even, was nothing but a ruse. This must be the real Tyler Davidson. The literal strong arm tactics,the screaming. If she were a reporter she knew she would definitely follow the story, but since she wasn’t, she would worry about her own problem – getting Tyler to sign the contract.

“I told you, Cayla, stuff it! Idon’t want to hear another word from your mouth tonight.” The harsh female voice pierced the air.

Tyler abruptly stopped, pulling Abie to a halt beside him. She glanced at his face and froze at the expression.He had been stony before. Now he was downright menacing.

Not even seeming aware of his grip on her arm, or even that she was still attached, Tyler headed for the girls’ dorm, practically dragging Abie with him. She tugged her arm free when they stood outside the door, and he looked down at her in surprise, as if not sure how she came to be there. His attention was immediately drawn back to the problem at hand when they again heard raised voices – much louder this time. He yanked open the door and was inside in a moment. Abie followed.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek at Taking Chances.

Be sure to visit all the authors on the Summer Giveaway Hop and scoop up all the goodies.