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Teaser Tuesday 4/24/12

Posted by tjmanderino on April 24, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Today I continue Teaser Tuesday with another excerpt from False Notes, the first in The President's Orders series. Simon is a Secret Service Agent in1874, and Kirsten is one person he suspects is involved with the counterfeiting case.

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            "I really don't know what to do,Simon."

            He was definitely in trouble. Heloved the way she said his name. This was not good. He was having a lot more sympathy for Luke.

            "I told you about my uncle last night, a little, anyway."

            He nodded, encouraging her to continue.

         "Today he told me  it would only be a matter of time and everything would be fine."

            "What does that mean?" He tried to keep the exasperation out of his voice. So far, she had alluded to her uncle, but really had nothing to say that could link him to the present case except that he was a partner with Weldon. That could be for the ranch only. He planned to wire Washington’s data bureau and see what they could find out.

            Kirsten scoffed. "I'm notexactly sure, but I am worried. There is no love lost between my uncle and myself, and I'm afraid for when he won't need me any longer, and more and moreI feel that could be at any time.” She clasped her hands together and twisted them in her lap, looking down at her intertwined fingers instead of at Simon.

            "Then why stay with him? Surely there is somewhere else you can go. I'm sure Doc would take you in if you needed a place." He said the words evenly in spite of the wrench to his gut as he did so.

            "I wouldn't endanger him." She looked down at her hands, then up again, but she still wouldn't meet hisgaze. "Please, Simon, when you leave, will you take me with you?"

            Ina heartbeat. "What do you mean?"

            "Oh!" She blushed and raised her hands to her face, giving a little laugh. "That didn't come out right. I mean, I know you travel on the railroad, and I wondered if you could let me ride with you to another town."

            His heart settled back into itsnormal rhythm. He stepped to the side of her, and stretched his hand out to rest on the wall, supporting his weight as he looked down at the top of her head. "You can buy a ticket at the station any time."


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