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Autumn Harvest Blog Hop

Posted by tjmanderino on November 9, 2012 at 12:50 AM

Cool, crisp autumn days call for one of my favorite beverages: Spiced hot apple cider. All of the scents and tastes of fall in amug. After pouring a mug full, I added a cinnamon stick, just because it looked nice, smelled great, and I actually had one around. I wasn’t the only one to think it smelled good.  So did Alex.

 Me: “Do you want a cup?” I held my cup out to him, but hewrinkled his nose.

Alex: “And what would I do with it?”

Me: “You could inhale it.” I hated when he used that tone ofvoice with me. Like I didn’t know he was a vampire and didn’t drink – or eat—anything that wasn’t on his approved diet.

Alex: “I can do that just fine from here.”

 That much was true. Vampires had a sense of smell that rivaled… well, bloodhounds. I took a sip of my drink and headed to the sofa. Alex followed.

Me: “What are you doing here anyway? I thought you had adate or something tonight.”

Alex: “More along the something line. I’m to meet Louis in a few hours.”

 I took another sip of my drink, more to hide my shudder than anything else. Louis was another vampire, and Alex’s closest friend. I was not going to ask what they planned, but Alex offered anyway.

Alex: “He wants me to meet his latest girlfriend.”

Me: “That sounds interesting.” And it did. As much as Icould figure out, Louis was a true loner. But what did I know? I just write the stories, these guys…er…characters lived it. Although live might be too strong of a word for Alex’s kind.

 Alex is featured in BOUND by BLOOD, may second paranormalromantic suspense.

Blurb: In histwo-hundred and fifty years as a vampire, Alex only observed, never intervenedwith any of his progeny, yet what else can he do when a little girl of hislineage is kidnapped? When he meets Lisa, the child’s nanny, his protective instincts kick into gear, yet he finds he must expose her to ever increasing danger as they search for the missing child. To protect Lisa from perils she is unaware of, he harbors her in his own home.


With Lisa’s help, Alex is able to determine who has the child. Learning why she was abducted rocks him on his heels and sets off a transcontinental search that leads to ancient myths of the Cardinal’s Ruby; the stone in Alex’s ring.


Alex and Lisa have one shot to save the child, but will they be able to stopthe impending destruction raining down?


To enter my November contest, please comment below with youremail and which book you would prefer. The winner will receive a free download of either Soul Guardian or Taking Chances, their choice. I will issue the copon through Smashwords so a variety of formats will be available. Wishing you a bountiful harvest!


Be sure to visit the other authors on the Autumn Harvest Blog Hop to harvest more prizes. http://carrieannbloghops.blogspot.com


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Reply Christina Livingston
10:25 AM on November 9, 2012 
great post!
Christina Livingston mygirls01(@)yahoo.com
Reply S.D. Bancroft
11:29 AM on November 9, 2012 
I love the interaction! What a great post Tara!

[email protected]
Reply J.D. Faver
4:23 PM on November 9, 2012 
What a clever conversation, Tara. And you got through it without being vamped. Love the humor.
Reply Veronika
7:05 PM on November 9, 2012 
Autumn is my favorite season! I like all the beautiful colors outside and the weather is not that hot anymore but not freezing cold either. It's just perfect! Thank you for the giveaway!

verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com
Reply Tammy Turner
7:45 PM on November 9, 2012 
It?s hard to say what exactly would be my Go-To Autumn Romance book. When I think real hard about it, I would have to say it has a sexy, strong, determined male that when it comes to love is just lost. Then there has to be a woman who is usually in need of help or needs to know what love and family is. Together they heal each other and love turns out to be their greatest gift. I also love a happy ending at this time of year, usually where the epilogue has them starting their own family to love and cherish. Oh?.and definitely HOT loving too!

[email protected]
Reply Eva
1:16 PM on November 10, 2012 
It?s my favorite season-- love the changing leaves, anything pumpkin and halloween!!

Thank you for the giveaway!!

Reply April
1:34 PM on November 10, 2012 
I adore autumn because of the amazing colors, bundling up in sweaters, Halloween and my birthday! Autumn also means cuddling up with a good book and a cup of cocoa!


I love the hops cause of all the awesome new books I find to add to my to read list!
Reply Isabelle
3:49 PM on November 10, 2012 
That was a great conversation. Now I'm interested to meet Alex. :)
If I could choose, I would like "Soul Guardian".
[email protected]
Reply Elie
4:55 PM on November 10, 2012 
I love reading about things that go bump in the night this time of year. Thanks for the fun!

Reply Natasha
6:26 PM on November 10, 2012 
Thanks for the chance to win!
I love fall!
natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com
Reply Cassandra Hicks
8:05 PM on November 10, 2012 
They both sound great but I think I would rather have Taking Chances :)
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
[email protected]
Reply Shar Simms
8:35 PM on November 10, 2012 
I'd love to read Soul Guardian. Sounds very interesting!
Thanks for the giveaway!
[email protected]
Reply sassy chassy
9:57 PM on November 10, 2012 
Soul Guardian looks really good!

[email protected]
Reply Iris
10:10 PM on November 10, 2012 
Great post

purple975 @msn.com
Reply BookAttict
11:53 PM on November 10, 2012 
I'd love to read Soul Guardian!

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com
Reply micheleannoboyle
11:17 AM on November 11, 2012 
i love autumn its my favorite time of year i love everything it has to offer i love the pumpkins hot coco hot cider thanks for the chance to win [email protected]
Reply Kaci Verdun
1:48 PM on November 11, 2012 
I'd like to win Taking Chances!
My favorite thing about fall is football and tailgating! Thanks for a great giveaway!
[email protected]
Reply Joy F
2:58 PM on November 11, 2012 
Love the cooler weather.
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com
Reply Catherine
3:34 PM on November 11, 2012 
Taking Chances, please.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com
Reply JanD
4:53 PM on November 11, 2012 
I'm more of a hot cocoa person than apple cider. If I win, I pick Soul Guardian.
bituin76 (at) hotmail (dot) com