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Sneak Peek Sunday

Posted by tjmanderino on June 29, 2013 at 10:50 PM

For this week's Sneak Peek Sunday, I'm sharing a bit of Taking Chances, a contemporary western.

    Eventually, he came out. A young boy ran up to him, and Tyler easily draped his arm about the boy’s shoulder. She stopped mid-stride. Did he have a son? That had not been in anything she ever read. Except for the dark hair, they didn’t look much alike. They spoke briefly with the pastor before moving on.

    “Tyler!” she called after him. Both man and boy turned. Tyler had a smile on his face.Not particularly welcoming, but genial. She hurried up to him. When she had seen him in his stage persona he was dressed according to the concert – at least in the pictures she had seen. Up close and personal was another story. In khaki pants, light blue oxford shirt and navy sport coat, he looked comfortable here.

      Tyler had turned at the sound of her voice, and his smile was welcoming, but she could see the puzzlement in his eyes. And no wonder, she thought wryly, how many times did he get accosted while at church? There, that was the truth without any varnish. She pushed away her moment of guilt.

   “May I help you?”

    His well modulated voice sent shivers through her. She never gave a thought to what his speaking voice might be like – sexy as all get out. She hurried over to his side and extended her hand.

    “Abie Halloway,” she said, giving his hand a firm shake. She refused to think about the spark of awareness touching him so casually instigated. She willed her gaze not to fly to his, to see if he experienced the same awareness. She forced herself to focus on his mouth. Bad move,Abie! His lips were firm, his mouth might be a shade too wide, but combined with his slightly fuller lower lip it just made her think he would be a great kisser. She cleared her throat.


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