Tara Manderino


 Dere's Demons

".. I found DERE'S DEMONS to be entertaining and the main characters likable and don't hesitate to recommend it to Regency romance lovers."  Jane Bowers,  Romance Reviews Today

 "...This is definitely a must read for fans of this genre." Reviewed by Maura of Coffee Time Romance,4 cups


The Heir

The Heir is a magnificent book that you will not want to miss...The Heir, in my opinion, is one of the best stories you will read this year. Magnificently written story and characters.  MyShelf.com Reviews

"...Her characters are a delight, and she has captured the time period masterfully. ...The secondary characters and their stories did not detract from the hero and heroin as can sometimes happen. In fact, I would love to see Sebastian’s friends get stories of their own." Sandra Barkevich, TCM Reviews

"Manderino takes the common theme of amnesia, wraps it around a storyline of people who are not as they seem and turns it into a delightful tale of treachery and deception, honor and love. Her well-developed characters end up in amusing situations and harrowing confrontations in this entertaining story." Donna M.Brown, Romantic Times Reviews, 4 stars

"These engaging but eccentric characters give THE HEIR its energy and humor as they travel from a small English village to the Marquess's townhouse in London to help Sebastian find his memory.Amelia is a self-sufficient woman who enjoys learning and tolerates her father's occasional explosive studies of science.Sebastian loves Amelia, but doesn't dare ask for her hand until he reclaims his title.His desire impels hisMs. Manderino takes the stuffy trappings out of the Regency Romance and delivers an amusing and emotional story."


Whisper My Name

"...Ms. Manderino's realistic portrayal of Lucia's disability adds to the strength of her character...WHISPER MY NAME is an enjoyable read." Gina Bernal, Romantic Times Reviews

Author Tara Manderino pushes the envelope of the Regency romance, breathing a memorable freshness into this traditional bound genre. Specifically, the choice to make the heroine deaf makes a profound statement for readers who read between the lines. All too often the feminine historical counterparts of this beloved genre were actually silenced because of their sex. " Reviewed by Cindy Penn for Wordweaving.com, Very highly recommended


Soul Guardian

"Interesting twist! A psychic and a vampire romance! This one will definitely capture readers quickly..."  Huntress Book Reviews

 Tara Manderino's Soul Guardian is mesmerizing. Her writing style captures you from the first chapter and keeps you entranced until the very end... Looking for spine tingling and hair raising suspense, then you better grab this one while you can.  Kin Ganoa